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Operations Manager

This role will report to the CEO and work closely with her and the Operations Specialist to play a leading role in overseeing the operational functions of our small but growing organization. A successful candidate is an individual who can discover practices and processes to support management and staff in the development and implementation of effective systems, manage multiple projects, has strong relationship management, and can provide specialized advice, facilitation, procedures, programs, and/or practices.  

Specific Responsibilities
Operational Systems: Maintain responsibility for smooth business operations including but not limited to the development, standardization, and execution of day-to-day operations 

  • Create and manage annual budget 
  • Ensure 100% accuracy for client invoicing, accounts payable, and support payroll, and online services 
  • Manage platforms, namely Google Drive and Dropbox, for strong internal and external knowledge management
  • Update/create new processes/templates for effective branding  

Project Management

  • Create and manage project plans – including goals, timeline, clearly defined roles, and stakeholder engagement
  • Identify special projects that will increase the effectiveness and efficiency of business operations, in collaboration with CEO 
  • Lead stakeholder communication and engagement to ensure support project execution, . (includes relationship building with external “client” where appropriate)
  • “See around corners” by bringing learnings about systems and protocols from past projects and deep knowledge of BFM systems
  • Closeout projects and capture and implement learnings for future application

Strategic Engagement

  • Partner with CEO to maintain client portfolio (BD pipeline/RFPs/Meetings)
  • Manage BFM meetings and internal/external engagements
  • Research/apply to conferences to increase BFM visibility and services 
  • Design/execute a marketing plan to expand the BFM brand to other stakeholders using social media
  • Manage Predictive Index portfolio

People Development

  • Standardize and streamline interviewing, hiring, and employee onboarding processes  
  • Oversee operations team, maintain responsibility for smooth office operations, including relationships with service providers and external vendors
  • Build consensus and relationships among managers, partners, and team

Organizational Stewardship

  • Contribute to the organization’s strategy and business model developments
  • Strengthen culture by modeling collaboration, operating with integrity, demonstrating a strong work ethic, and openness to learn and grow, flexibility, and kindness
  • Work effectively and creatively in a largely virtual environment

Skills & Qualifications
We are seeking candidates with many of the following capabilities:

  • Organization: You are extremely organized and detail-oriented. You create systems to help others be more organized and to manage yourself. You seek to create order where it is lacking.
  • Project management: You manage projects and budgets effectively. You can manage projects, team members, stakeholders, and ‘manage-up’ when necessary
  • Multitasking and prioritization: You are able to manage multiple open projects at a single time by prioritizing according to importance, stakes, and timeline.
  • Vision: You see missing processes or systems and develop them to address the gaps. You also know how to develop long-term plans, with contingency plans.   
  • Business Operations: You have knowledge and experience in managing multiple tasks 
  • Oral and written communication skills: You are a strong writer, skilled in organizing thoughts and ideas in ways that are clear and client-centered. You also are effective in supporting the design of presentations and reports.
  • Relationship cultivation: Strong interpersonal skills and the ability to effectively communicate with a wide range of individuals and constituencies in a diverse community. You are also able to laterally influence and motivate others to achieve outcomes.
  • Growth mindset: You believe in the human capacity for learning and growth in a way that drives personal learning and client engagement.
  • Strong problem-solving and analytical skills: You can identify where this is an operational need, what causes it, and implement effective solutions ways to address the issues 
  • Integrity: You operate with honesty and discretion with sensitive information.
  • Value for diversity, equity, and inclusion: You believe that all humans have a right to respect and fairness, though some have historically been denied this, and that we achieve the best outcomes when different perspectives are integrated.

Professional Experience
You have 5+ years of office management experience, and/or administrative management experience. Strong written and verbal communication skills. Experience supporting operations at an organization through periods of growth. Demonstrated success in creating and managing budgets in a resource-constrained environment.

You hold an Associates, BA, and/or comparable skills/certifications/experience in Business Management, HR, or similar field. 

To apply, use this Google form. Any Questions? Contact us.

This position can be located anywhere in the United States but candidates must be willing to travel for in-person team engagement. (In-person engagements have been temporarily suspended due to COVID-19)

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