Our coaching approach balances structure and flexibility.  We conduct a pre-coaching survey to assess the needs of our clients, offer tools, exercises, and guidance to tailor the coaching experience.  All of our packages help clients surface new learning and provides them with practical next steps and actions.

We offer Coaching in the below areas:

Career Coaching

Our Career Coaching packages are for professionals seeking support in a new role or help navigating their next career move.  Our packages explore and surface the passions, interests and skills of our clients while guiding them to practical next steps and actions that will help them reach their goals.

Strategic HR Coaching

Our Strategic HR Coaching packages are for HR professionals who desire thought partnership as they lead talent initiatives internally.  Clients are able to articulate challenges, learn industry tools & frameworks, and develop strategies for partnering with org leadership regarding talent initiatives.

DEI Coaching

Our DEI Coaching packages are for professionals and leaders who desire to increase their self-awareness, knowledge, and skill-set in navigating DEI situations.  Clients learn new tools for strengthening relationships across difference, navigating challenges,  and leveraging their influence.

Many organizations understand the value of integrating

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) into their organization’s

culture, the challenge lies in how to do this well.

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