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Research reveals most learning (70%) happens on the job with new experiences and responsibilities to navigate.  Thirty percent of our learning happens through meaningful relationships/exposure to networks and formal training.  Leveraging this knowledge, we partner with clients to make learning memorable, practical, and action oriented.

We make learning fun and tailored using adult learning best practices.  Our interactive training includes practical tools, opportunities for real dialogue, and exercises designed for participants to engage in experiential learning.

Some of our training offerings are listed below.  Facilitators also bring expertise to design customized sessions.  Please reach out if you would like more information.

Management & Leadership

For Professionals:

  • Managing Up
  • Project Management in the Social Sector
  • Planning & Managing Change Initiatives
  • Navigating your Career

For Managers & Leaders:

  •  Introduction to Leading & Managing
  • Managing Performance
  • Navigating Difficult Conversations
  • Coaching and Developing Talent
  • Servant Leadership

For Teams:

  • Customized Team Building



Diversity | Equity | Inclusion

For Professionals:

  • ­Exploring Diversity and my lens
  • Understanding Privilege  & Becoming an Ally
  • Implicit Bias & De-Biasing Strategies
  • Diversity ­“Covering” and “Uncovering” at Work
  • ­Race Dialogues (**this is a series of 5 concurrent sessions for among a small diverse group)

For Managers & Leadership:

  • ­Best Practices in Hiring Diverse Teams
  • ­Managing High-Performing Diverse Teams
  • ­Evaluating HR Practices with an Equity Lens
  • Senior Leadership Diversity Deep Dive

For HR or Diversity Professionals

  • Facilitating Diversity Learning -­Train the Trainer


Many organizations understand the value of integrating

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) into their organization’s

culture, the challenge lies in how to do this well.

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