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Putting REDI into Action Cohort program.

This 8-month program is designed to support teams across any industry in driving organizational change around race, equity, diversity, and inclusiveness.

Join with 1-3 of your colleagues to build your team’s skill and capacity to lead change. This program may be for you if you are the COO, Head of HR, or Chief Diversity Officer, or member responsible for DEI in your organization. This experience will give you an opportunity to build relationship with other REDI leaders from across the country doing similar work.

Is this program a good fit for my team?


What exactly is the cohort program?

The program is designed for organizations from any industry that desire to expand the impact and reach of their current diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts. Through this cohort program, staff teams of 2-4. colleagues will build a shared language, develop a comprehensive understanding of where they are organizationally, and what is needed to reach their desired future state for building an equity-focused culture within their organization.

Participants will benefit from this experience by developing their own personal and adaptive leadership as they design a strategy to support their organization’s equity work — all while deepening connections with their team and a network of diverse leaders and organizations.

Up to (4) members of your team can participate in the program which consists of (4) half-day virtual sessions, (1) day and a half in-person session, (5) one-hour coaching and (3) one-hour identity-based sessions over the course of eight (8) months.

What does the program cost?

$25,000 per organization. This includes participation of up to 4 staff from your organization for (4) half-day virtual sessions; (1) day and a half in-person session; (5) one-hour Executive Team Coaching sessions; (3) one-hour identity-based sessions; as well as tools to support your REDI work (equity audit. template, action planning template) over the course of eight (8) months.

Note: participants will be responsible for all travel costs related to the in-person gathering in the fall (air fare, hotel). Location is tentatively set for the Washington, DC area. BFM will cover breakfasts and lunches during the in-person session.

If the financial component of the program is a barrier, please let us know if you need additional support. We would like to make this program accessible, if it is in our ability to do so.

What will the experience be like?

Up to ten (10) peer organizations will engage in capacity building & peer learning through the following experiences:

  • 4 half-day virtual sessions
  • 1.5 day in-person session (in November)
  • 5 Team Sessions with an Executive Coach
  • 3 Identity-based sessions
  • Development of a 12-18 month action plan
  • Creation of a companion communications plan
  • And optional offerings: a REDI Organizational Assessment
  • Optional Office Hours
  • Optional REDI Assessment
What are the details of the in-person session?
  • Participants will be responsible for travel and lodging. BFM will coordinate the agenda and provide meals.
  • Location is tentatively set for the Washington, DC area.
  • More details will be provided in September.
What is the schedule?

In the application process, we will share specific dates and times to confirm your availability. In the meantime, here is a high-level snapshot of the program arc. Note: this schedule may shift, depending on the cohort participants:

  • April:
    • Session 1 – Building Relationships
  • May:
    • Session 2 – The Foundation: Social Identity & Organizational Structure
    • 1st Team Coaching session
  • June:
    • 1st Identity-based session
    • Session 3 – Decoding the Data: Identifying Where We Are, Want to Be & What We Need To Get There.
    • 2nd Team Coaching Session
  • July:
    • 3rd Team Coaching Session
  • August
  • September:
    • Session 4 – The Path Forward: Present & Discuss the Course Ahead
    • 4th Team Coaching session
    • 2nd Identity-Based Session
  • October / November:
    • Session 5 – Closing Session: Reflecting on the Journey, Looking to Road Ahead
    • 3rd Identity-Based session
  • December: Post-program debrief
If I have other questions, who should I contact?

If you have other questions, join us for our Information Session on March 9th, 2023 at 2PM EST

You can also reach out to Amy Keegan Safranek at

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